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  • Drought Proof GardensDrought Proof Gardens

    As we work our way through the hot summer months, and the amount of water needed for lush lawns and healthy plants increases, I thought it would be a good time to highlight some beautiful and functional garden features and plants that not only survive— and some flourish— in drought read more

  • Tiny Homes are Now a Big DealTiny Homes are Now a Big Deal

    A few years ago I started hearing this term “tiny homes” on HGTV, DIYNetwork and even mainstream publications like the New York Times. Since then, the tiny home movement has taken over and I can officially declare that it’s no longer a trend and here to stay. What exactly is read more

  • Thirsty Thursday - Top Summer CocktailsThirsty Thursday – Top Summer Cocktails

    As we usher in summer, I thought it a good time to share some of the most popular summer cocktails (and a non-alcholic one) for 2016. Raspberry Collins As with cooking, sometimes the fewer the ingredients the better. With just a couple of common ingredients, this drink recipe allows each read more

  • 3 Tips For New Real Estate Investors3 Tips For New Real Estate Investors

    Lately, it seems as though every show on HGTV and DIYNetwork is somehow related to investing in real estate. While the shows have made it seem like a no-loose proposition, the investors are often very experienced and playing with “house money.” So yes, there is great risk in real estate read more

  • Even The Home Has Gone HipsterEven The Home Has Gone Hipster

    Yes, you read that correctly. Not only has the “hipster” movement taken over our pop culture, it has now reached deep into our ethos and into our living spaces. I’d love to tell you that the hipsters have created the best design philosophy since mid-century modern, but alas, the hipsters read more

  • What Is a Housing Bubble and, why Warren Buffet doesn't think we're in oneWhat Is a Housing Bubble?

    Throughout the housing collapse of 2007 there was a term used over and over again: The Housing Bubble. The imagery is easy to understand- a market grows to a certain point until it pops. With the phrase used so often, I thought it would be good to discuss what exactly read more

  • Three Things Every New Home Buyer Should KnowThree Things Every New Home Buyer Should Know

    So you’ve decided to build a home instead of purchasing an existing one. Awesome decision, and one you will not regret. While the process might seem daunting, there are a few tricks I’ve found to help reduce your stress level. Pre-Construction Phase: As the homeowner, the real work begins months read more